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What is Choose your own Adventure?


CYOA is a homebrewed dice-based roleplaying game with heavy influence from games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder

CYOA was created with the ethos that dice-based role playing games are not just games. Rather, they are shared story-telling experiences which can teach us about ourselves. Story telling, after all, is a uniquely human activity which is likely an evolutionary hold-over from our proto-human ancestors; conserved within our behavior for its adaptive capacity to spread information throughout the tribe, and prepare each other for the transient moments that would define our very survival.

In the words of the illustrious actor and unlikely D&D aficionado Vin Diesel, "We were all drawn to the game because it allowed us to become these characters. D&D was a training ground for our imaginations, and an opportunity to explore our own identities."

After playing games of this sort for several years, I have identified several areas in which they might be improved. Therefore, I present this unique, but undoubtedly derivative rule-set for Choose your own Adventure-- a revision which, for me and my friends at least, is a significant improvement to our capacity to immerse ourselves in the game.

This gaming system is designed to be flexible-- therefore it is lore-nonspecific. However, you will find CYOA lore within this wiki for use in your own session, or to use as an example as you do your own worldbuilding. The lore included here takes heavy influence from the Forgotten Realms universe, Tamriel, Norrath, Temerant, and (of course) Middle-Earth. The lore contains many other expected and likely unconscious plagiarisms which are intentionally familiar for the sake of ease of imagination.

To play Choose your own Adventure, have a look at our getting started page!

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